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General Manager, Adam Aro, studied at the University of Oregon (Go Ducks), Adam embraced the state known for being the birthplace of the Craft Beer Movement and also discovered the Willamette Valley, a world class wine region. With this proximity he soon developed a sincere love for wine and beer and by the time 2007 rolled around Adam was a Certified Level 1 Sommelier at the Bellagio in Las Vegas. Since then he has added a Cicerone certification and beer expertise to his ever expanding repertoire.

Adam has an in depth understanding of the culinary business that expands beyond most. This insight coupled with a passion for travel, Adam utilizes extensive influences that span from Europe to Asia, which helped shape his first ventures as a restaurateur with Manhattan Beach’s Rock’N Fish (2000) and Hermosa’s Mediterraneo (2006).

Adam has been able to introduce the ambiance and flavors of Europe through his latest success, Chelsea. Come by the Hermosa favorite and don’t be afraid to ask Adam for a wine or beer pairing recommendation; you won’t be be disappointed.